Marketing Policy

Marketing Policy

ICAAT cannot be used for marketing purposes. ICAAT does not endorse, promote or advertise any product or service.

Furthermore, companies that participate in ICAAT and recruit consumer stakeholders through ICAAT for their design and development work must agree that they will not solicit testimonials, positive stories, or any other kind of endorsement via any media, including written testimonies, social media, in photos or videos from those ICAAT consumers that use the names, logos or images of ICAAT or its partner organizations (HLAA, Gallaudet University or AIR).

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is a consumer organization and partner in ICAAT. HLAA provides information and education about technology that can benefit people with hearing loss. HLAA also does not endorse or promote any product or service.

Companies that work with ICAAT will not receive an endorsement from either ICAAT or its partner organizations (HLAA, Gallaudet University, and AIR).

Additionally, companies cannot use ICAAT for promotion or advertising purposes. However, companies can advertise with HLAA, which has print and digital opportunities through their website, publications, e-News, webinars, social media, and annual convention.