Why Get Involved?

Why Get Involved?

When the consumer is at the center of design and development, the end result is a better consumer experience and a more successful product or service. ICAAT helps bridge the space between the expertise found among industry professionals and the expertise found in the lived experiences of a consumer community made up of people with hearing loss and Deaf individuals, by creating a place for cooperative engagement.

Benefits of Consumer-Centric, Cooperative Design and Development

  • Creates a clear market focus on the consumer
  • Facilitates design and development that is consumer-driven and better suited to addressing consumer need
  • Forms a partnership that builds trust and strengthens relationships
  • Communicates that consumer opinion matters
  • Improves the knowledge of industry professionals and creates a better understanding of the end user
  • Generates valuable, relevant, and new ideas and competitive insights based on unique, real-world perspectives


These benefits are far greater than the risk of competitors learning something about a company's plans indirectly, which can be reduced through nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements


What ICAAT provides:

  • Opportunities for consumers and industry to engage with one another
  • Insights for consumers into new and existing technology products and services
  • Insights for industry into the unique needs of people with hearing loss and Deaf individuals
  • Cost-effective, efficient ways for industry to recruit for and consumers to participate in research and testing activities
  • Different levels and types of collaboration at various stages of design and development
  • Sustained engagement between consumers and industry