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Take a walk, while I figure this out…

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Take a walk, while I figure this out…

I use captioning when watching TV shows. Now with all the brands of smart TVs and different streaming services, there is little consistency in how to access captions.

For example, I may watch something on Hulu where I’ve pre-set the captions, then I move to PBS Passport to watch another show, which is supposed to be closed captioned but the captions aren't showing. There is no easy way to turn the captions on when switching apps unless I stop the show (oh boy, my family loves this!) and fiddle around trying to figure out where to turn on the captions - on the TV or in the app? – and then how to actually turn them on. 

My ultra-sleek remote for my smart TV is supposed to be simple to use with hardly any buttons, but there is no "cc" button. So, everyone waits while I find the Settings menu, then the Accessibility menu, then turn the captions "On." Even then...sometimes they don’t come on. So, I have to go into the settings again trying something else until the captions finally appear. In the meantime, my family has decided to take a walk around the block waiting for me. 

The use of captioning has become so mainstream that accessing this functionality should be quicker, easier, and more consistent to engage on all platforms and on all TVs and their remotes.


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